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We can link together your on-board systems for enhanced functionality and ease use. The remote support from anywhere in the world will save you time and manpower costs.

Yachts are unique environments that due to space, technical, bandwidth and Internet issues, pose widely different systems integration challenges from those in a typical office or home environment.


We can transform your boat into a home theater.

The last multimedia entertainment allow you to upload, store and organize your movies, music, TV shows & photos giving you fast access.

We provide you with a high-performance entertainment system that stores all your movies in one compact system, with the ability to play different media in multiple cabins simultaneously.


We offer high quality sounds through discreet but powerful speakers, amplifiers and music servers from Sonos, Bose, Denon, B&W, etc.

The water, salt and sun that make boating so much fun can damage your boat's electrical components. That is why it is so important to choose the right equipment for your boat's audio system.


Enjoy HD quality programming through advanced uninterrupted Satellite TV systems for fast and affordable Internet and phone services. With a wide selection of programming in various languages bringing you live news, sports, and more everywhere you travel.